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A threesome with two women and a man is slightly different than a MMF threesome. Women can generally be softer with their caressing attention and oral sex. With two women in the mix, they're free to express any bisexual urges. Maybe it's biology or maybe just fantasies, but woman-woman-man threesomes are pretty common place sex toys. Again the imagination knows no boundaries: For example, while one woman busies herself with his cock the other can be playing with her partners or herself using a dildo or vibrator masturbation. Or they can all play with whatever sex toys are around and get each other off that way. The possibilities are endless! Other variations of Menage-á-Trois are of course also possible, it all depends on who and what is involved in the fun. Some enjoy a bit of BDSM and others stand by vanilla sex - all kinds of sexy contacts can be made on dating websites. The idea of more than one partner got you hot to trot? Check out more: Group Sex, Partner Swapping, Threesome, Swinging
Fuck. Quite possibly the most diverse word in the English language! Not only is it the best way to dress up a complaint, a sarcastic criticism, and an angry outburst, it’s also the world’s most popular pastime. There is some debate to be had about whether its common synonyms, like “having sex”, “making love”, “sleeping together”, “banging” or “screwing” (and there are oh so many more) are really just euphemisms for the same thing, or whether these activities are actually distinct in some meaningful way. After all, 50 Cent has made it very clear that he is not into making love, but he’ll be happy to have sex if you come give him a hug (ew?). Whether you think fucking is fucking great, or whether you think it should be reserved for those with lacking morals (in which case you may have gotten seriously lost on your internet path…), you probably share the belief that the word “fuck” comes from the acronym “Fornication Under Consent of the King.” Well, you’re all wrong. According to author Melissa Mohr, “The f-word is of Germanic origin, related to Dutch, German, and Swedish words for "to strike" and "to move back and forth.” That means there’s no magic to it, it’s just a direct word for the thing you do with the hottest person around when you are horny. Sorry to burst your fucking bubble. You can read Mohr’s book for more on how swearwords travel from being names of things or actions to being figurative and colorful, as in “this carrot cake is the fucking shit!” If, however, you know what you want to know and want to get to more doing and less describing, then you are in luck. Right here on Go forth and fuck happily! If you're interested in this topic you could also have a look at these pages: Anal Sex, Vanilla, Oral Sex