Similar preferences as bad aibling

Build a Bear Workshop? Not exactly, well not that kind of bear anyway. The winner is: Big Beautiful Woman. If you’ve got a thing for women with more than just an hourglass shape this is your place. Hailing from the fat acceptance movement and fat fetishism, BBW are here to stay! Women that fall into the category are considered medically overweight to obese. A common preference for many heterosexual men, it’s not as rare as you might think. What turns people on so much? A lot of is what they find physically attractive, the feel and texture. But also the feeling of holding her or being held by her. Again everyone is sailing their own ship, whatever floats your fuckin’ boat, as we like to say! Looking for more body types? Check these out: Chubby Guys, Petite Physique, Curvy Women
Body hair keeps us warm, and for some of us is also erotic. Since we no longer need it for its mammalian functions (thanks, cashmere). The tricky thing about it is that for some people it's a turn on, and for others it's repulsive. Some people love to indulge in the scents, moisture and sensations provided by thick hair. Others like to get creative with it and make designs by shaving it or dying it. And some just can't get far enough away from it!