The legs tend to get attention from both genders. Both men and women have shown a greater attraction to longer legs in studies, which has spawned all kinds of fashion innovations to accentuate and elongate the legs.

In previous centuries, wealthy men commonly wore shoes with raised heels. Nowadays, everything from Spanx leggings and tights to seamed stockings and sparkly pantyhose are available to accentuate the legs. Too give an illusion of longer legs there are also high heels and tall boots as go-to tools.

One pernicious myth that has emerged in recent digital trends is the "thigh gap", which is the fetishization of extremely thin thighs. Despite the claims of body-shaming and pro-anorexia sites, a gap at the top of the thighs is entirely determined by the shape of the hips, and has nothing to do with diet or fitness.

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