Leather Fetish

Leather Fetish

Leather has a complex history. It's known for its many roles throughout history: the taming of the Wild Wild West, its contribution to luxury furniture and automobiles and for being a mark of quality in many everyday items like handbags and jackets. Leather is the chemically treated hide of an animal, usually cows, goats, pigs or crocodiles. But leather is its own entity in the BDSM world. Perhaps best known for being fetishized in gay culture, but it's used and sometimes worshipped by practitioners of every kind of BDSM.

There are whole clubs and bars dedicated to leather culture- often looking similar to biker culture from a distance. While the outfits might overlap, the concept is pretty different. Everyone likes the feel, the intense scent, and the aire of authority. They are very likely to be either gay-oriented or at least gay-inclusive.

More on different sub-cultures:
Bizarre, Latex/PVC , Sadmasochism


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