Kissing is universally human, but it carries many different variants and meanings! Europeans kiss on the cheeks, sometimes it's once, sometimes five times. The rules are complicated, so if you're new, ask before faces start colliding.

When it comes to planting one on the lips, there are even more variations. There are parent-child smacks, nervous teenage brushes, and then there's that guy you thought was cute until he began suctioning off half your face with his octopus tentacle otherwise known as his face.

But once you get the basics down, don't neglect this tender art during your fornicating. Kissing is magically intimate, builds up suspense, and resolves anxieties. Make it a part of your routine, even if you're bending someone over the bathroom sink or giving head in the back of the car. Kisses open doors, mend fences, and punctuate an encounter nicely. Or roughly, however you prefer.

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