Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra

You may have seen something entitled "The Kama Sutra" on a coffee table or in a sex shop. This is usually a book filled with pictures or illustrations, complete with a listing of a great many sexual positions and suggestions for pleasure.

But that version has been simplified from the original Kama Sutra that originates from the Hindu tradition. This book, known in Sanskrit as the "Verses of Desire", was very long and complex. It not only discussed sex positions, but also the social and biological factors that relate to sexual activity. It talked about prostitution, sadomasochism, genital piercings, drug use and abuse, cheating, and power dynamics between the genders.

In other words, the original Kama Sutra really did justice to the complexity of sexuality, but the bookstore versions probably don't include all that. But it doesn't mean they don't provide interesting and helpful suggestions to deepen your sexual experience.

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