Patent Leather

A fairly recent invention as far as textiles are concerned, but a sexy one at that! It’s slick and slippery. And makes the body do fucking fantastic things. The shapes it highlights as it hugs breasts, hips, butts and legs.

Many people find they get turned on by the way it feels against their skin. They enjoy rubbing themselves or others while wearing latex costumes or lingerie. Masturbating or using a strong vibrator over the latex creates its own exciting sensations.

Like many sensation based things, there are fetishists for latex as well. Costumes and toys range from simple lingerie to entire body suits with face masks. Latex is also part of another popular trend: the wet look. Shiny clothing that looks wet, hugging the body like a wet T-shirt contest, what’s not to love? (Unless of course you have an allergy, then check out PVC or rubber as an alternative.)

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