Sexual Preferences

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Foreplay is all the fun stuff that happens before fucking. Everybody involved should be getting more and more turned on as you caress, squeeze, kiss, rub and undress one another. Stu...

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Kissing is universally human, but it carries many different variants and meanings! Europeans kiss on the cheeks, sometimes it's once, sometimes five times. The rules are complicated, s...

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Dirty Talk
Most of us like dirty talk. Whether it’s sweet suggestions whispered in the ear or nasty words spat out while our hair is being pulled, a little verbal theatrics gets most people going....

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They say if you stare into a stranger’s eyes for four minutes it improves your connection and intimacy with them. The windows to the soul, if you’re into that sort of thing. There’s no...

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The lips might be the most underrated part of your body. Think about it, they are a highly erogenous zone that you wear on your face! Lips have a high concentration of nerve endings, ma...

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Blonde, brunette or ginger? What’s your preference? Does it matter to you? A lot of people have a ‘thing’ for brunettes or ‘crazy red-heads’. Do blondes really have more fun? What abou...

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Women's Lingerie
Lingerie, as opposed to just plain old underwear, is meant to entice. To make the wearer feel sexy and to make the onlooker all hot and bothered. It’s functionality is arguably not so...

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We're all familiar with the idea of nude beaches - some people love them, others recoil in disgust. But did you know that nudism is a lifestyle choice for some people? There are whole ...

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Risqué Dressing
One hot way to spice up a sexual relationship is to go out in public dressed up in some risqué, or provocative, clothing. Your taste might be as simple as a mini-skirt that allows you...

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Voyeurism is a term that comes from the French verb “voir”, meaning “to see”. Voyeurs are people who get turned on by seeing others undress or have sex. Often, the pleasure is more i...

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Vanilla. It generally refers to tender, romantic sex that moves rather slowly, involving lots of caresses and looking deep into each other's eyes. It's the "making love" that 50 Cent is...

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Sex Toys
Sex toys are any object or machine that contributes to sexual stimulation and pleasure. So, basically, this could be pretty much anything. Toys can be used by a single person, or by...

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The dildo is pretty much the oldest sex toy in the world. Design is usually based on the phallus, but they come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Dildos are ...

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Dirty Talk
Most of us like dirty talk. Whether it’s sweet suggestions whispered in the ear or nasty words spat out while our hair is being pulled, a little verbal theatrics gets most people going....

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Phone Sex
Phone sex originated in an age when phones were stationary and had cords attached to them, you know, totally pre-historic! Part of the appeal of phone sex then, was that there was no v...

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Cybersex is the swapping of digital fluids- sexy thoughts and feelings using a chat messenger or webcams. Sometimes people have "cam to cam" sex, or get themselves off at the same time...

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Outdoor Sex
Fucking outside, it’s fucking awesome! There are so many places to do it. The thrill of not getting caught or being caught, depending on what gets you off. Sex is great in the be...

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Sex in Nature
Love being in nature? Fresh air in your lungs, beautiful colors, the sound of animals. It gets you kinda hot, right? Next time you plan (or don’t plan, spontaneity is the spice of life!...

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Sex on the Beach
Sex on the beach is more than just your favorite drink (admit it). It's obviously an enticing activity. As soon as you picture a beach with sand, you might be less enticed. And we hear ...

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Goths are a sub-culture that often get written off by 'normal' people. What a lot of people miss out on is a great depth, complexity and beauty in this strange dark world. Goths are ...

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Sweet Pain
Aside from being a KISS song- Sweet pain refers to a more BDSM style of love making. The pleasure you get when someone spanks you while fucking you doggie style for starters. There are ...