Articles about Infidelity

  • Dick Pics | Do They Ever Work?

    Most of us on online dating sites have gotten them—the dreaded dick pics—including some of my heterosexual male friends. Which always seemed odd to me. Do people even read the ‘about me’ sections of d ...
  • On relationship boundaries and cheating

    Two very close friends of mine have been in a monogamous relationship with each other for many years, but one of them has a long-standing habit of forming very intense friendships with other women. Hi ...
  • Masturbation isn't cheating

    Masturbation is a lot of things - good for your health, a stress reliever, an excellent way to learn your body and a steamy hot way to connect with yourself and your partner. Here’s what it’s not - ch ...
  • Similar terms for Infidelity

    Similar terms: Cheating, One Night Stand, Affair
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