Ever notice that you are drawn time and time again to a particular part of someone’s body that you find attractive? Well, for some people that part could be the eyes or a strong jaw line, for others it’s the hands. Long and slender or strong and hard, everyone has their own preference.

Think about all the delicious things they can do! Why wouldn’t you find them sexy? Not to mention the popular debate: does the length of a man’s hand equal the length of his cock? It’s like the Tootsie Roll Pop commercial- We may never know.

Hands caress and hold, they can scratch and spank, then tickle their way back into a cuddly love puddle. Not to mention the fun they bring to foreplay! Warm your partner up by sucking on their fingers until they’re screaming for more. The ideas are endless. Plus everyone loves a good morning hand job.

What else can you do with your hands?
Blindfolds Fisting Handjob

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