Blonde, brunette or ginger? What’s your preference? Does it matter to you? A lot of people have a ‘thing’ for brunettes or ‘crazy red-heads’. Do blondes really have more fun? What about black hair, grey hair? Or the more outstanding colors like blue, green, orange or magenta?

What about long, short or medium? It’s not just the color that grabs your fancy, it’s also the length and shape. Do you like the ‘I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed’ look? Or perhaps the more greased look? The way it’s worn: straight and down, up in a pony-tail or cutesy pigtails. Maybe you like it shaved into intricate designs? Or dreadlocks or no hair at all!

There are infinite options when it comes to the hair on your head (no your other head you perv). But what it really comes down to is self-confidence and being happy with the way you look. Because you’re fucking beautiful with whatever hair (or no) that you have!

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