Smells have a lot to do with sex appeal. Whether it’s Ode d’You after a gym session or some wacky spray your mom got you when you were a teenager they all have an affect. People have natural pheromones that attract or repel each other for procreation. As humans evolved and AXE body was invented they’ve been drowning themselves in the stuff. Trying to cover up nature’s work. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because sometimes nature can be pretty stinky.

Egyptians used to put scented wax cones on their heads and let it melt down their hair (which were usually wigs). A large chunk of Europe’s history believed bathing was unhealthy so, yea fragrances were kind of necessary if you didn’t want to suffocate to death.

That being said a liberal amount of perfume or cologne can give some lasting impressions on a first date. It can be the difference between passing out from lack of oxygen to ‘Hey, that’s really nice. I would cuddle up and possibly fuck that.’ So make your choices wisely buddies!

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