Film Foreplay is all the fun stuff that happens before fucking. Everybody involved should be getting more and more turned on as you caress, squeeze, kiss, rub and undress one another. Studies (not sure we needed a study for that, but okay) have shown that men and women often have very different ideas of what foreplay is and its importance. While for women longer foreplay is much more important, men sometimes have little imagination about what the fuck they should be doing. This can be a pretty big barrier to a satisfying straight relationship.

A woman’s pleasure is greatly intensified when her partner pays attention and puts thought into the fun outside the thrust. With couples where one partner has a tendency to rush things; it's good to be intentional about planning enough time for the foreplay to lead up slowly to intercourse. This requires cooperation and communication, but the payoff is huge.

A bit clueless as to what else is involved in foreplay? Here are some sexy ideas:
Blindfolds, Vanilla, Handjobs, Striptease


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