They say if you stare into a stranger’s eyes for four minutes it improves your connection and intimacy with them. The windows to the soul, if you’re into that sort of thing. There’s no denying some good ol’ fashioned eye contact does wonders for connecting with people.

Today everyone is hunched over their smartphones and bumping into each other on the sidewalks. They’re missing the beauty of looking someone in the eye. Test it out. Try having sex while looking into your partner’s eyes the whole time. Did you come faster and harder? How did you feel?

Don’t neglect these little beauties. They have a lot of power over the mind and body. Some people claim to be able to orgasm just by thinking about something. Or couple’s tantric meditation practices often focus on steady and intense eye contact before even touching each other.

How can something so obvious be forgotten? Take a closer look into your partner’s eye next time you’re fucking and see the difference it makes!

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