Film Exhibitionism refers to a strong desire to put one’s genitals on display. Exhibitionists get sexual pleasure from being seen naked or engaging in sexual acts. Naked saunas and nude beaches are popular around the world, and other platforms for exhibitionism are found on social media.

People have the unquestionable right to consent to their involvement in any type of sexual activity, also including someone masturbating while looking at them, or seeing anyone naked or engaged in any sexual act. Tricking or forcing people into these situations means that their rights to safety and dignity have been violated, as the act is not consensual. This is why spaces exist where people know that nudity and sex are going to happen in front of everyone, and they are more likely to be interested in watching or participating if they go there.


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    Similar terms: Exhibitionist, Outdoor Sex, Nudism, Voyeur, Voyeurism, Flashing, Public Sex, Dogging, Masturbation in Public, Fucking in Public,