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Group sex involves three or more people, but usually isn't centered around an established couple, as a threesome is. Group sex might originate during a night at a swingers' club, or at a sex club. Sometimes people also seek each other out online. There are more and more sites that make this possible, and it often has the advantage of avoiding the complications of jealousy or the risks of unstable couple relationships. Group sex can also be part of outdoor, dogging (British English) or adult movie theater activities. The underlying pleasure comes from emotional detachment, and the thrill of getting to know strangers in such an intensely stimulating setting. Although group sex has been a source of mass fun since ancient times, it has its modern caveats. Safer sex is an absolute must in these contexts, and consent should be in constant negotiation through communication between partners, strangers or not. More on the beauty of group sex here: Free Love, FFM, MMF, Threesome, Polyamory, Swinger Club Search, Swinging Photo Pixelio: Hofschlaeger
Most of us like dirty talk. Whether it’s sweet suggestions whispered in the ear or nasty words spat out while our hair is being pulled, a little verbal theatrics gets most people going. For those that are warming up for some BDSM play, this is often pretty aggressive and might involve insulting or belittling someone, claiming not to be interested in them, or even mocking their sexual attractiveness. For couples who regular engage in aggressive or BDSM sex, this kind of “hard” dirty talk might be a frequent part of their relationship. Certainly, those who are involved with porn, phone sex or cam sex are making the most of the power of words.
Erotic art is as old as time. Nudes, most often done with paint, pencil, and more recently photography, are common forms of portraying and encouraging our seductive ways. Great historical examples are the murals of fertility rites, that can be found in the French caves of Lascaux. Also in Pompeii where the ancient Romans covered brothel doors and even sidewalks with erotic decorations. Of course, we can hardly be shocked by these naughty depictions, since porn, Hentai and nude photography are so common nowadays. Perhaps some of the subtleties have been lost in favor of extreme close-ups and money shots. All the same, we have a world of traditions at our finger tips; we have plenty to appreciate.