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A threesome with two women and a man is slightly different than a MMF threesome. Women can generally be softer with their caressing attention and oral sex. With two women in the mix, they're free to express any bisexual urges. Maybe it's biology or maybe just fantasies, but woman-woman-man threesomes are pretty common place sex toys. Again the imagination knows no boundaries: For example, while one woman busies herself with his cock the other can be playing with her partners or herself using a dildo or vibrator masturbation. Or they can all play with whatever sex toys are around and get each other off that way. The possibilities are endless! Other variations of Menage-á-Trois are of course also possible, it all depends on who and what is involved in the fun. Some enjoy a bit of BDSM and others stand by vanilla sex - all kinds of sexy contacts can be made on dating websites. The idea of more than one partner got you hot to trot? Check out more: Group Sex, Partner Swapping, Threesome, Swinging
One hot way to spice up a sexual relationship is to go out in public dressed up in some risqué, or provocative, clothing. Your taste might be as simple as a mini-skirt that allows your ass cheeks to peek out while you're going up the stairs, or leather pants that show off your package. You might want to take it up a notch and wear some chains or a butt plug that would show if one was to look. Maybe some lingerie that reveals more than it conceals. Maybe you're the librarian type by day, but could slide into some fishnets and fuck-me heels by night? Maybe you're a CEO by day, but want to wear a dog collar to the club and follow someone else's commands for a change? Need some more ideas for a special night on the town? Check these out: Exhibitionism, Dirty Talk , Voyuerism