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Maybe it’s the cool breeze on your raw skin, the soothing solitude, or the calming movement of the water. Something about sex on a boat makes everything more sensual. The adventurous are sure to get their fill of excitement on a boat or yacht. As long as you’re out of danger of capsizing, the options for hot sex are pretty great. You have the warm sun on your skin during the day, you can cuddle up in the cabin at night. You can watch the stars, or enjoy the sound of the waves from inside. If you’re really spoiled, maybe you have a crew who would be down for a gangbang or some group sex. Of course, if you’re really adventurous, the water provides its own exciting opportunities. Dive in! More wet and wild ideas here: Outdoor sex, Sex in the Water, Exhibitionism Photo Pixelio: sharpei
Group sex involves three or more people, but usually isn't centered around an established couple, as a threesome is. Group sex might originate during a night at a swingers' club, or at a sex club. Sometimes people also seek each other out online. There are more and more sites that make this possible, and it often has the advantage of avoiding the complications of jealousy or the risks of unstable couple relationships. Group sex can also be part of outdoor, dogging (British English) or adult movie theater activities. The underlying pleasure comes from emotional detachment, and the thrill of getting to know strangers in such an intensely stimulating setting. Although group sex has been a source of mass fun since ancient times, it has its modern caveats. Safer sex is an absolute must in these contexts, and consent should be in constant negotiation through communication between partners, strangers or not. More on the beauty of group sex here: Free Love, FFM, MMF, Threesome, Polyamory, Swinger Club Search, Swinging Photo Pixelio: Hofschlaeger