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Similar preferences as bisexual

Gangbangs are a form of group sex where only one woman or "bottom" is involved. That means a whole group of men are participating in the sex at the same time, all focused on the same partner. Usually, the lucky lady takes it in the vagina and/or ass while keeping the others in line hard with blowjobs and hand jobs. This is often quite a workout, reminiscent of Hindu gods with tons of hands! The icing on the gangbang cake can be a bukkake finale, where all of the men ejaculate on the woman's face, breasts, ass or stomach. There's also such a thing as a reverse gangbang, where only one man is involved, only the ending tends to be less sensational. Learn more about gangbangs by clicking below: FFM, MMF, Nymphomania, Threesome
A threesome with two women and a man is slightly different than a MMF threesome. Women can generally be softer with their caressing attention and oral sex. With two women in the mix, they're free to express any bisexual urges. Maybe it's biology or maybe just fantasies, but woman-woman-man threesomes are pretty common place sex toys. Again the imagination knows no boundaries: For example, while one woman busies herself with his cock the other can be playing with her partners or herself using a dildo or vibrator masturbation. Or they can all play with whatever sex toys are around and get each other off that way. The possibilities are endless! Other variations of Menage-á-Trois are of course also possible, it all depends on who and what is involved in the fun. Some enjoy a bit of BDSM and others stand by vanilla sex - all kinds of sexy contacts can be made on dating websites. The idea of more than one partner got you hot to trot? Check out more: Group Sex, Partner Swapping, Threesome, Swinging
Threesomes. So enticing, yet so complicated. Threesomes with two men and a woman are common; sometimes both men are going to be with the woman one after the other, or all three are going at it simultaneously. It's also a good opportunity for newbies to try out any gay urges they may have. In practicality, threesomes can be a bit tricky to balance the attention. Finding a place where everyone is getting equal attention is not always easy, but through communication and practice everyone can get satisfied. Of course if role-play or exhibitionism is your thing, a threesome might be the perfect time to have an uninvolved audience. . Whichever variation you prefer, threesomes can be really good for relationships. Just make sure there is a ton of communication before and after play. Respect everyone's boundaries so that discovery of any feelings and preferences can be done honestly. Interested in other sexy options with multiple partners? Swing over to these pages: Partner Swapping, FFM, Threesomes, Group Sex


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