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Group sex involves three or more people, but usually isn't centered around an established couple, as a threesome is. Group sex might originate during a night at a swingers' club, or at a sex club. Sometimes people also seek each other out online. There are more and more sites that make this possible, and it often has the advantage of avoiding the complications of jealousy or the risks of unstable couple relationships. Group sex can also be part of outdoor, dogging (British English) or adult movie theater activities. The underlying pleasure comes from emotional detachment, and the thrill of getting to know strangers in such an intensely stimulating setting. Although group sex has been a source of mass fun since ancient times, it has its modern caveats. Safer sex is an absolute must in these contexts, and consent should be in constant negotiation through communication between partners, strangers or not. More on the beauty of group sex here: Free Love, FFM, MMF, Threesome, Polyamory, Swinger Club Search, Swinging Photo Pixelio: Hofschlaeger
For a lot of people the entire derrière is an erogenous zone. As you play around and discover your ass (or your parnter's) you’ll find a hole. Through this hole, sensual stimulation can be found for both men and women. Your anus is loaded with nerve endings, making it one of the more sensitive erogenous zones on your body. Stimulation from fingers, tongues, dicks or sex toys can bring hours of sexy play and intense orgasms to the receiver. Stretching your asshole can be painful if done incorrectly. So here are some tips for a happier widening: patience, good lubricant and lots of love from your partner (or partners) will make it a lot easier to penetrate this tight little orifice. Some people are not interested in experimenting with this 'exit only' opening. True, it is an excretory organ and perhaps has a dirty reputation. But with patience and some sexy foreplay, this little hole can take on a new light.
Adult movie theaters cater to all kinds of sexualities, though for most the target audience is straight men. These cinemas often run hardcore, gangbang or BDSM movies. Some theaters are venues where casual sex can happen, however, single women are a rare find at these types of places. Couples are more common, and some only allow couples in. There are certain charms in having a physical space for indulging in a bit of porn. Some adult movie theaters are set up like living rooms or occasionally like bedrooms, and some even feature live performances by strippers or erotic dancers. In bigger adult theaters, one can usually wander freely between showings. There are many surprises to stumble upon, like glory holes for starters. Usually there's one entrance fee, although this depends on each venue. Voyeurism and exhibitionism are of course well-served by these theaters. More places to sneak a peek: Sex at the Movies, Swinger Club Sex, Voyeurism