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Role play (not just for D&D nerds!) is when people plan clothes, locations and interpersonal dynamics to for actions leading up to sexual activity. Most of us think about the sexy nurse and the patient, or the schoolteacher and the student, but it can be less corny and more subtle than that. Some couples play at being strangers having a one-night stand, and of course there is plenty of inspiration to be found in BDSM. Dominance and submission, psychological games, or spanking and the like can all be part of role playing. Role plays are a healthy and safe way to add variety to a relationship. The fantasies are often not literal, but generally use themes of power, innocence, fear, comfort, authority, unpredictability or tenderness, that on some level appeal to us. If all partners involved can have fun and get off, role playing can open up unlimited new worlds. If you're interested in this you could also have a look at: High Heels, Women's Lingerie, Uniforms
The amount of pain depends on the quality of the candles and the height the wax is dropped from. The sensation could be a nice lukewarm, or a searing hot. Smaller candles and wax falling from higher up tend to be less hot. The wax pools a bit, and is then spilled with care onto the willing victim. Sex shops often sell candles that have a lower melting point for less risk of burning. The idea is to get a nice redness with a little puff in the skin, but not to injure anyone. As wax pools and cools, a layer will be formed over the skin. A whip or a switch might be just perfect to snap that apart. For any bears among us, though, it might be wise to put a layer of plastic between your body hair and that wax, unless you are into a really, really, really painful finish! For more hot ways to spice it up, check out: Blindfolds, BDSM, Bondage
Ass play is obviously any stimulation on the back side. This could include: fingers, mouths, dicks, or toys. When toys get involved, it usually starts with a butt plug, which is used with plenty of lube to gradually expand the rectum. This can also be foreplay or a pleasurable preparatory activity in itself, so, slow and steady wins the race. A more delicate operation is the anal massage. This should only be done by an experienced and very careful person, who inserts a lubed finger into their partner’s anus. About 1-2 inches inside, at the back, one can find the male G-spot. Gentle, circular movements can produce an orgasm that is very different than the normal peak during penetrative sex. Get off your ass and start playing! Or for more ideas: Anal Sex, Fingering, Butts
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