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  • I just thinking what guys think when he got to message parlor n gets a nuru oil massage by a sexy therapist How he control his sex desire? And what about girls/ladies when they find handsom ...
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    Massage is an ancient form of seduction and pleasure, with many cultural variations. There are essential oils and creams that can add to the experience and the sensual atmosphere. Without professional training it can be tricky to find the right balance between digging too deep and being overly gentle. It's good to communicate, at least by groans and moans. Candles and music can complete the sensual mood, and of course, the massage can travel across the body. From the shoulders, back and hips, to the nipples, buttocks and genitals. The massage can evolve to include a 'happy ending', clitoral stimulation, vaginal or anal fingering, and maybe even a bit of oral. If visiting a professional, make sure you know ahead of time whether a "happy ending" is a welcome possibility, so that you don't end up disappointed, underpaying, or harassing someone without meaning to! If you liked this topic also have a look at: Vanilla, Foreplay, Handjobs
    Tantra is the ancient art of making the most of your copulation. It is a practice that comes from India, and is explored in the ancient Kama Sutra text. Massage, sensation play- such as with feathers, fingernails and massage toys, and intimate bonding all play a role in Tantra, allowing the participants to fully relax and focus on their pleasure. By doing so, they can go far beyond their normal limitations of comfort and stamina. The ultimate result can be hours upon hours of orgasms, intensity that pushes the limits of consciousness, and a level of sexual connection beyond your wildest wettest dreams. This is the complete opposite of the parking lot quickie: this is a whole universe. To explore Tantra fully, it's best to follow the teachings of an authentic and professional teacher who has learned the traditions in India over a significant amount of time. The more authentic the training, the more amazing the results. Did you find this interesting? Check out these topics: Massage, Kama Sutra, Fucking
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