I'm a kinkster at heart, more lil more sub than top. I am however a slave to my kinks, started this journey at ten years old on end game kink, and as the years go by living in a vanilla world, hid these desires until 5 years ago when I found the kink community. My interests are vast, my kink range from soft sports through to hard sports, not forgetting good old fashioned taboo. Im incredible orally fixated, a sadistic masochist with a very colourful mind that works best when bouncing is another. One thing is that I'm very subservient to dominant women. It's been something that just naturally follows me, has done all my life. Ultimately the perfect LTR would be an extreme kinkster switch or a perverse FLR Mistress/Domme.. I'm at home with dominant women, I'm very much a poster boy for the Aquarius sign, lol. Anyway, if you have a dark twisted side that no one gets, or you are a dominant with a penchant for the bizarre, then don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm an open book, and ethically Polyamorous.. So honestly is the only way forward. Please, Mistresses and Dommes. I appreciate your skills and talents and your tributes and other ways are totally justified. But for me, I feel this damsges the connection that I need to give everything that I own and am to my partner. In this world I am literally putting my life in someone else's hands, and to do that a bond needs to be built, I'm very perspective and I can usually get a gist very quickly. I feel that any type of other reason to connect other than the thirst to explore kink with someone as manic as yourself, would be fatel in my mind. So apologies. Hopefully those who want to explore, discover, push and just have that. Connection that makes you truly free then get in touch. Gx
Fetish, BDSM and Bizarre28 to 70 years ● 50km around UK, Reading one week ago

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