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Massage is an ancient form of seduction and pleasure, with many cultural variations. There are essential oils and creams that can add to the experience and the sensual atmosphere. Without professional training it can be tricky to find the right balance between digging too deep and being overly gentle. It's good to communicate, at least by groans and moans. Candles and music can complete the sensual mood, and of course, the massage can travel across the body. From the shoulders, back and hips, to the nipples, buttocks and genitals. The massage can evolve to include a 'happy ending', clitoral stimulation, vaginal or anal fingering, and maybe even a bit of oral. If visiting a professional, make sure you know ahead of time whether a "happy ending" is a welcome possibility, so that you don't end up disappointed, underpaying, or harassing someone without meaning to! If you liked this topic also have a look at: Vanilla, Foreplay, Handjobs
Saunas were established in many cultures as a place for health and wellness. But since everybody’s in their birthday suit anyway, things have a tendency to get hot and steamy in other ways. At many saunas, the sexual vibe is embraced through looking, approaching and even getting it on. If someone shows interest and the other party is receptive, things can get sexual right then and there. Maybe it wasn't your intention to have sex with strangers, but you might find that the sight of others getting down turns you on. There are usually designated areas or hot tubs where more action tends to take place. Many sex and swingers’ clubs make use of sauna areas to mingle with others. They might use lighting or music or show porn to create the right ambience. The biggest places in big cities have long hours, with some even being open 24/7. You might also be interested in: Sex in the Shower, Massage, Quickies
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