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Maybe it’s the cool breeze on your raw skin, the soothing solitude, or the calming movement of the water. Something about sex on a boat makes everything more sensual. The adventurous are sure to get their fill of excitement on a boat or yacht. As long as you’re out of danger of capsizing, the options for hot sex are pretty great. You have the warm sun on your skin during the day, you can cuddle up in the cabin at night. You can watch the stars, or enjoy the sound of the waves from inside. If you’re really spoiled, maybe you have a crew who would be down for a gangbang or some group sex. Of course, if you’re really adventurous, the water provides its own exciting opportunities. Dive in! More wet and wild ideas here: Outdoor sex, Sex in the Water, Exhibitionism Photo Pixelio: sharpei
Cottaging refers to anonymous sex in the bathroom, mostly between gay and bisexual men. You might think sex and toilets don't go together, and hats off to you for your upstanding principles. But if you ask your friends, you're likely to find out that the old water closet figures into a whole lot more sexual histories than you ever would've imagined. At the very least, you must know a member of the mile-high club. They probably didn't earn their membership in the aisle after the drink cart passed by! And clubs... if they're not providing couches and beds, someone is gettin' busy in the bathroom! While for many people, bathroom sex is a matter of convenience- or, arguably, desperation- for others it is a fantasy. Nailing the position is likely to be tricky, but there's joy to be had in the john, if you just know who to invite in. Get more ideas for kinky corners to cuddle up in here: Sex on the Washing Machine, Quickies , Exhibitionism
Adult movie theaters cater to all kinds of sexualities, though for most the target audience is straight men. These cinemas often run hardcore, gangbang or BDSM movies. Some theaters are venues where casual sex can happen, however, single women are a rare find at these types of places. Couples are more common, and some only allow couples in. There are certain charms in having a physical space for indulging in a bit of porn. Some adult movie theaters are set up like living rooms or occasionally like bedrooms, and some even feature live performances by strippers or erotic dancers. In bigger adult theaters, one can usually wander freely between showings. There are many surprises to stumble upon, like glory holes for starters. Usually there's one entrance fee, although this depends on each venue. Voyeurism and exhibitionism are of course well-served by these theaters. More places to sneak a peek: Sex at the Movies, Swinger Club Sex, Voyeurism
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