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Chat rooms started out as strings of black and white text on screens. The irritating and slow dial up process- hoping that your house mates (or worse your mom and dad) didn’t pick up the phone while you were in the middle of a juicy dialog. There were no pictures, so you had to wait for a picture to come in the mail. Then there were movies like Strangeland to scare the shit out of you and remind you there are creepy fuckers out there in the internet land. But it wasn’t all bad. People had to be more creative in describing what they wanted. Today, there are still traditional chat rooms, inevitably littered with emoticons, but still the art of writing has not been totally lost to the video chat. Sexting also calls for a certain skill with the digital pen. A perfect way to keep in touch with long distant lovers or a cheeky distraction at work. Looking for more ways words are sexy? Erotic Fiction, Phone Sex, Cyber Sex .
Ass play is obviously any stimulation on the back side. This could include: fingers, mouths, dicks, or toys. When toys get involved, it usually starts with a butt plug, which is used with plenty of lube to gradually expand the rectum. This can also be foreplay or a pleasurable preparatory activity in itself, so, slow and steady wins the race. A more delicate operation is the anal massage. This should only be done by an experienced and very careful person, who inserts a lubed finger into their partner’s anus. About 1-2 inches inside, at the back, one can find the male G-spot. Gentle, circular movements can produce an orgasm that is very different than the normal peak during penetrative sex. Get off your ass and start playing! Or for more ideas: Anal Sex, Fingering, Butts

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