Similar preferences as daddy

Okay so maybe a mummy is a little too old and others are a bit too young so where’s the happy middle ground? That’s up for you to decide! But a lot of people get all hot and bothered when their sexual partner is significantly older than they are. The important thing is that everyone has consented and are happy. There are of course dozens of examples of celebrity couples: ancient billionaires with PlayBoy bunny wives, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, the list goes on. This desire exists in all sexualities and cultures. So what’s the big deal? Not everyone wants an actual age gap, so many opt for role play options. For most people it’s a control thing. There’s a security in knowing your older partner has been there before and can show you the way. The older partner has more experience with life and love and can guide the younger partner and share with them their sexual wisdom. The Golden Years can be just that if everyone's needs are taken into consideration. Good hunting to all you cougars and silver foxes out there!

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