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Hello there couples and hot wives and bf gf,
This is Bapi a Three sum player / Bull from Kolkata. I am 26 and been in this lifestyle for long. I have been with wanna be cucks, first timer couples, and three sum loving couples bellow 35 ages. i am well versed with the lifestyle and knows how to respect the other person involve and how to keep their dignity intact....I can travel anywhere in India. Would love to meet some Hot kinky/ cuckold couples/ Three sum loving couples under 35 ages for an evening of fun, flare, booze, party and if everyone is comfortable, some intimate and passionate moments. Interested couples may reply for synchronization.
My Details:-
Height : 5 ft 9inc
Weight : 62 kg
Body type : slime with hair
Tool size : 7inc long 2 inch thick black and clean saved
Stamina : 45mints to 1 hour in one season.
My Experiences:-
I can do many things like female’s whole body licking with ice-cream, liquid chocolate, wine, honey etc. I know various types of process like doggy style, cowgirl style, kamasutro style, on top style, missionary style etc.
Indoor sex: Means in your house or flat. (Here you can do sex in bed, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, Dinner or lunch time etc)

Outdoor sex: Means in any long or short tour. (In Hill station, Sea beach side, forest etc)

Public sex: Means any public places like in theater hall, in car, in deep forest, in sea beach or any others public safe places.

Sex Parties: Means any group of ladies or collage girls want to arrange a sex parties and want a Play boy in that parties they also can contact me. (Birth day party, Marriage Anniversary party, Christ mass party, New Year Part etc.)

Cuckold : Cuckold sex also available by me.

Pregnant: If anyone cannot make his wife pregnant they also can contact me I am ready.

Contact me
+918101528335 WHATSAPP NUMBER
mail me [email protected]


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Similar preferences as cuck

Circumcision. It’s a scary word for some, the total norm for others. A widespread practice in the USA, most other countries do not cut their cocks unless medically necessary. The old myth about hygiene turns out to be just that: a myth. Turns out a little soap and water is all you need. The bigger picture reveals that only 30% of men around the world are circumcised. Some religions require circumcision but in general men tend to leave their hats on. There is also the great debate about whether or not it decreases sexual pleasure as an adult. Common sense will answer that for you. The head of the penis is sensitive. If it’s kept protected by the foreskin from rubbing on the insides of trousers for years on end, it will maintain it’s sensitivity. But if the hat is removed, back luck fellas, the head will be desensitized. Fear not hatless men, this just means you need to concentrate more on what your partner is doing. The more you focus on the sensations sliding around your cock, the nicer it will feel regardless of your foreskin situation! More about things to do with cocks: Balls, Oral Sex, Cum Swallowing
Cocks cum in every shape, size, texture, age, pierced and tattooed or no decoration at all, cut or uncut. Sometimes they’re covered in bush, sometimes trimmed, other times they’re totally shaved or waxed. We’re all different and that’s the beauty of being human. Our ‘naughty bits’ are no different. What’s so great about cocks? It depends on what you’re looking for. But when it cums right down to it: how communication between partners is passed is the most important. Tiny dicks or giant ones, it’s all about talking about what you want and what makes you happy. There is not right or wrong size or way to fuck. So fuck what the TV and movies say. Listen to us (we’re fuck.com for fuckssake!) Talk to your partner, see what makes their cock happy (or your cock). Experiment, play around. Sex is fun, you don’t need a tape measure to figure that out! For pleasure beyond the old P-in-the-V, get tips here: Oral Sex, Handjobs, Cum Swapping , Ass Play

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