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Chat rooms started out as strings of black and white text on screens. The irritating and slow dial up process- hoping that your house mates (or worse your mom and dad) didn’t pick up the phone while you were in the middle of a juicy dialog. There were no pictures, so you had to wait for a picture to come in the mail. Then there were movies like Strangeland to scare the shit out of you and remind you there are creepy fuckers out there in the internet land. But it wasn’t all bad. People had to be more creative in describing what they wanted. Today, there are still traditional chat rooms, inevitably littered with emoticons, but still the art of writing has not been totally lost to the video chat. Sexting also calls for a certain skill with the digital pen. A perfect way to keep in touch with long distant lovers or a cheeky distraction at work. Looking for more ways words are sexy? Erotic Fiction, Phone Sex, Cyber Sex .
Cybersex is the swapping of digital fluids- sexy thoughts and feelings using a chat messenger or webcams. Sometimes people have "cam to cam" sex, or get themselves off at the same time while chatting to bring a real side to the fantasy of chat. Cybersex has existed since the 90s, when hanging out in chat rooms became the 'in thing' to do. At first people were swapping images and messages via email, but that was painfully slow compared to what became possible with instant messenger. Not only were flirting and sex, instant and in full color, but also anonymous and felt like they were happening in a different world. There are mad scientists out there trying to develop virtual reality tools in the form of helmets, gloves and even suits especially made for cybersex. There are already vibrators you can plug into your USB, so really anything is possible!
Phone sex originated in an age when phones were stationary and had cords attached to them, you know, totally pre-historic! Part of the appeal of phone sex then, was that there was no visual component. The caller enjoyed the tones of the voice, the personality of the person on the other end, and the fantasies sparked by the dirty talk hat was exchanged. Phone sex has occurred between partners who were separated by distance, but it has also been a business for decades. Numbers with special per-minute rates were set up, staffed by women of all types, and callers were pleasured for money. What's interesting is that while phone sex between partners is sex, it also plays a part in their relationship, and can be a tool for maintaining or even increasing intimacy.

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