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A Boy Toy is the younger male partner in a relationship. The opposite would be a Sugar Daddy, an older male partner. Both terms are used in h and gay realms. Celebs love their boy toys Famous celebrities like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Sharon Stone all seem to have a thing for younger men. For obvious reasons in the bedroom, Boy Toys can last longer, go harder and more frequently. As Madonna put it: “I like young men. The don’t know what they’re doing. But they can do it all night!” Young men are often more open to experiment and go exploring. They like to discover new skin using their hands, mouth and other “ahem” appendages. They love bedroom gymnastics, especially when they're not confined to the bedroom. Not Forever Boy Toys are perfect for a mature partner looking for an ego boost. You never know if it’s just a game or if it’s sincere. Sometimes little emotional commitment makes things easier and more straightforward. But be aware, not all are looking for long term relationships. As long as expectations are communicated up front, men and women can have an amazing time with Toy Boys not to mention lots of incredible sex.
Body jewelry, like Tattoos and body painting, are ways of decorating the body. The intention could be to draw your eye to a certain body part, or it maybe a way of artistically expressing something deeper. Many more extreme activities exist. For example: branding, scarring and cell popping which swing more into the realm of body modification. Earlobe stretching is probably the most common and popular practice seen today. It has its roots in punk and has become a hipster mainstay. Any physical alteration carries risks. One potential risk is injury or infection. Second is redundancy- meaning you chose something based on a trend that has the inability to evolve over time, instead of something with lasting meaning(or the potential to evolve). To avoid the first disaster scenario, only go to a legitimate shop or artist. Hygiene, training and knowledge don't come cheap, neither should your work. Everything must be sterilized and the artist should know what to do should any injury or infection arise. To avoid the second disaster scenario, think first. Consider how this change in your appearance will affect your life. If you can't come to any solid conclusions you can always go with something temporary until your feel completely confident with your decision. Always research any health implications and consult different artists. If you are getting a symbol or word in a language you are not familiar with, check with several unrelated sources to be sure of its meaning. Because we all hate that awkward moment when you think you have the Japanese character for 'power' tattooed above your cock but it actually says 'fucking tourist'. A quick note for all of us out there appreciating the amazing artwork that many people have on their bodies, whether it is simple jewelry or a full face tattoo, remember that people have the right to their space and that the meaning of the art might be deep and intimate. They might not feel like explaining it to a million strangers a day, and there's no need to take that personality. And just as you would never reach out and touch a pregnant woman's stomach (or you never will after this moment, please and thank you), don't reach out and violate people just because they are decorated or modified. Their body is theirs. If it's beautiful, just let them know politely. Aren't we lucky to live in a world where creativity and individuality have so many different and fascinating expressions. More about how we make the body express our minds, here: Genital Piercings, Body, Corsets
Body hair keeps us warm, and for some of us is also erotic. Since we no longer need it for its mammalian functions (thanks, cashmere). The tricky thing about it is that for some people it's a turn on, and for others it's repulsive. Some people love to indulge in the scents, moisture and sensations provided by thick hair. Others like to get creative with it and make designs by shaving it or dying it. And some just can't get far enough away from it!

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