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Fucking outside, it’s fucking awesome! There are so many places to do it. The thrill of not getting caught or being caught, depending on what gets you off. Sex is great in the bedroom, on the washing machine, on the kitchen table in the shower, wherever. But OUTSIDE! Think big or small. Maybe you’re at the beach and want a quickie under the pier or between the umbrella stands. You’re on a road trip and have been driving for hours and can’t keep your hands off each other, pull over and get some action! (And yes please pull over and stop somewhere!) Or maybe you test your skills of stealth and see what you can get away with at a theme park. Paintballing gets the adrenaline pumping but if you’re suddenly killed it’s not fun to wait for the game to finish all alone! And of course the summer festival circuit! Catch all the best music and sexy action under the sun- Please remember to fuck responsibly and use protection ;) The possibilities are endless! So get outside and fuck already! Sex on the Beach, Parking lot Sex, Sex in Nature Photos Pixelio: Sturm, Peter
The creme de la creme of quickies, fucking in the elevator is such a thrill. Whether you’re at the office, a hotel or coming home from a night out, it’s risqué and fucking awesome. But it’s not as easy as it looks in the movies and certainly worth considering the consequences. Many celebs have been caught in the act. A few floors of gloriously awkward hot sex might be amazing at the time, but if you don’t get your pants up quick enough there might be a disaster waiting for you when the doors open. So keep an eye on the numbers and try to keep it safe. See you at the top floor! More on risqué romps here:: Sex at Work Exhibitionism Fucking Quickies
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