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  • I was talking to some friends, and we ended up on the topic of anal sex lol. One of my friend said it's only for gays, but then another (male) friend says that "only the bottom is really gay" ?? Lol I ...
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    Pretty obvious really- SEX toys that go in your butt. Your behind, specifically your asshole is brimming with nerve endings which connect to other delightful places in your body. And hello, they’re not just for gay guys. EVERYONE can enjoy anal toys, as a couple or alone for masturbating. So relax and open up. In men, a lot of these nerves go to muscles in their pelvic floor or urethra, making orgasm possible with a little help from your (lubricant based) friends. For women, of course, it’s the alphabet soup of spots. This one is the A-spot- short for anterior fornix which is located on the ventral groove of the cervix. The A-spot just happens to be easier to reach with a bit of back door action. Examples of anal toys are butt plugs, dildos and anal beads. Each one is designed with special intentions and can also be warm ups for anal sex. Important tip for anal sex: keep that shit clean. That means: toys are clean (if used with multiple partners use condoms), assholes are clean (learn about enemas) and fingers are clean, nails are cut SHORT. Curious about more ways to play with butts? Anal Sex, Butts, Ass Play
    Anal sex - pretty self explanatory right? The highlight of the action is your extremely erogenous asshole. It's chalk full with thousands of nerve endings in the inner and outer sphincter. Passive is usually a good way to get started with anal action. If you're new to exploring the asshole or this is settled territory, passive can be another option for foreplay. Basically anything short of penetration is considered passive- stroking, caressing, kissing all passive actions. Stepping it up into active means getting out the lube, a strap-on, other toys or a dick (depending on your preferences and anatomy of course) and having penetrative sex. Poppin' the cherry. Deflowering. Loosing your virginity. Does this also apply to your ass? No one can really agree. Debates between sexologists, religious leaders and in general pretty much everyone, are ongoing and probably always will be. Looking for more hot tips for things to do with your sexy ass? Ass Play, Butts, Threesomes

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