needed: something to tie me up,petrol etc,lighter or matches,old couch chair mattress lay me on the couch and tie me up while mind fucking me pick up the petrol and pour it on me and the couch and make me think you will set me on fire 2. needed: something to tie me up,a chair,petrol lighter fluid ect,lighter or matches sit me in the chair tie me to the chair douse me while shouting at me douse me then start to leave a trale of petrol ect leading away from me and make me think you will set me on fire (btw a lighter can be any type of lighter my fav are bics but it can be any type cigarette lighter zippo candle lighter ect) 3. needed: something to tie me up,bottle,rag,petrol,lighter sit me on the ground tie me in a way that i am in a permanent sitting possession take the bottle put it somewhere in me trousers etc where i cant remove it take petrol can pour petrol in the bottle dosent matter if you spill it on me lol put rag in it and threaten me that you are gonna light it 4. needed: something to tie me up,twigs branches etc,petrol kerosene ect,lighter tie me up anyway you like on the ground slowly cover me with the branches till i am covered from neck to toe i want my head free then pour the petrol etc over me to my neck then sit beside me and make me think you will set me on fire with a lighter (lighters i prefer in my play) 5. needed if you wanna tie me up something to tie me up,wd 40,lighter lie me down tie me up if you want spray my entire body with the wd40 till the can is empty and sit beside me and make me think you will set me on fire (these are ideas but i can just meet you with a can of petrol hand it to you and you with a lighter you can just douse me and make me think you will set me on fire im game) 5. needed: something to tie me up,newspaper,can of butane,lighter tie me up fill my trousers with newspaper put the full butane can in my pants and threaten to start lighting the news paper (seeing a women with a gas can in her hand turns me on even if she just has a lighter turns me on) can even just use a few cans of lighter fluid or kerosene and douse me and bring your own lighter 7. douse me in petrol etc and use a zippo light it and threaten to throw it 8. i like anel but with fear involved take a candle lighter and insert it in my ass and threaten to light it and if you want douse me in lighter fuel and use another lighter to scare me while you have the candle lighter up my butt (i own over 700 lighters) 8. douse me in nail polish remover and make me think you would set me on fire 9. needed: 2 boxs of kitchen matches,something to tie me up and if you want a lighter tie me up fill my trousers with the matches threaten to light one and add it or light a lighter near it can douse me in karocene Check out my pics to see if it can give you ideas 11. you can just light a lighter near me around me 12. needed fireworks,lighter,something to tie me up tie me up any way you like put fire works in my pants or my butt or anywhere you like and threaten to light them 13. pour lighter fluid or bbq lighting fluid or jell down in my pants then hold a lighter near my croch and threaten to set me on fire 14. tie me up take off my trousers cover my balls and cock in lighter fluid and sit and threaten to set them on fire 15. you could tie me up sit me near a fire and light it near me so i can feel the heat and threaten to put me in the fire 16. needed: type of food wrap,lighter fuel etc, lighter wrap me from head to toe in wrap let me breath douse me in lighter fluid or something else take a lighter and light it near me and threaten to set me on fire 17. make me think you will cook me 18. B.A.T sounds like fun a roleplay with being think i will burn at the stake 19. simple things work too air spray or body spray and a lighter make me think you are gonna burn me that way 20. could do a bat burned at stake scene small or big pile of wood and douse me with petrol and make me think you will set me on fire 21. pour petrol around me not on me and make me think you will set me on fire 22. play with two girls gas can and 2 lighters 21. needed a chair,something to tie me up,something to build a fire under the chair,lighter probly candle lighter tie me up build fire under chair and threaten to light it 22. put candle lighter in my mouth and make me think you are gonna light it 23. (this is for a fire fear play or someone willing ) tie me to a chair sit on a chair next to me or tie me on the ground and sit next to me and douse us both in petrol etc and threaten to light a lighter 24. needed: hair mouse,ligher spray hair mouse on my naked body threaten to set it on fire (even if you did it wouldnt hurt too much :-) ) 25 only my wife GoddessAlthea can do this I would love to be tied down with a female my wife riding me im gagged with a cloth in my mouth she has a lighter and can of lighter fluid in her hand she pours it on my body as she straddles me then pours it on the gag as i cum she gets off dissapers out of my sight then appears over me lighter in hand ready or make me think she will light the cloth in my mouth 26 needed a wooden chair PVC pipe blankets wood logs handcuffs kerocene lighter or matches gag Put pipe in the ground stand me on a chair handcuff me to the pipe get lots of kerosine covered blankets, thick dry logs. Cover the chair im standing on with a nice drenching of kerosine... Make sure you gag my mouth really tight for effect Have a pack of matches in your hand or a lighter When you are ready, start striking the matches or a lighter make me think you will burn me 27 needed 2 packs of disposible lighters can of petrol tyre firework rocket another single lighter tieing me down filling my pocket with lighters and a tyre placed over my head and she would produce a can of petrol and start douseing me and the tyre in petrol while she tells me the lighters will explode in my pocked then after dousing me she will put a firework rocket in my mouth and threaten to lIght the fuse

Fetish, BDSM and Bizarre21 to 56 years ● 100km around UK, Durham 3 months ago

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