Curvy Women

Curvy Women

One only has to have a quick walk around an art museum to see there are big differences in beauty standards throughout the ages. Historically speaking, the curvier a woman the more sexy she was. Reasons ranged from childbearing to showing off wealth.

The famous Belgian painter, Peter Paul Rubens, was particularly important for setting this standard in his time. He wanted to express indulgence, lusciousness, and enjoying life. Of course modern beauty standards have drastically shifted to quite the opposite. Thanks to models like Twiggy.

There is resurgence of celebrating the beauty of a curvy woman thanks to the rock-a-billy and burlesque scene. Their nostalgic longing to look like a pin up illustration proving that once again: curvy is sexy. The popularity of the corset shows even thin women lacing up in corset. In an attempt to accentuate what they’ve got in the way of curves.

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