The old Terms and Conditions

This is the old version of the Terms and Conditions for they are valid untilApril 2011. If you registered before this date then the new version of the conditions apply now. neuen New Terms and Conditions.

For all visitors to our websites the following General Conditions apply:
  • The IdeaWise Ltd. operates under the name an independent site for erotic personal ads predominantly in the English language. Information published on is for its members and visitors.

  • No part of the offer on may be reproduced, copied or distributed without written consent from IdeaWise Ltd. Linking content from is also only allowed after written approval from IdeaWise Ltd.

  • It is expressly forbidden, directly or indirectly, to send advertising to members of This includes the following:
  • Violations will result in a 1000 euro fine by the member, payable to Further compensation claims will be determined at the time of occurrence.

  • Above all, it is not permitted to use or copy the information on member’s profiles for commercial purposes. In particular, manually or by machine, copying email address or other contact information. Any abuse of this for the use of commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

  • IdeaWise Ltd. along with the involved parties, under these conditions will prosecute the guilty parties. In this case, IdeaWise Ltd. will require a declaration of the violation. Depending on the amount of damage, involved parties will be able to make claims for said damages. This is particularly true when third parties passed on address information. In case of any damages from the involved members, IdeaWise Ltd. will offer advise and support. In appropriate cases the IP addresses and other technical web scripts can be retraced. IdeaWise Ltd. will identify the author of the spam. The authors of the profiles and other independent publications on are not permitted to do this, especially third parties or members from other websites who have sent unsolicited messages of advertising or other suggestive content. Should IdeaWise Ltd. get any unsolicited advertising by involved parties will be notified.

  • Any member of has the opportunity to place free personal ads, erotic in nature, provided they are also free. Ads with financial interest are allowed, provided the “financial interests” has been activated. Ads under the financial interests include directly or indirectly paid products or services. Fake ads are strictly prohibited. Should anyone try to link to each other in this way or to third party content in order to capitalize on we can track this type of spam and reveal it. Violators in this case will be fined 1000 euros.

  • Reading profiles is free. Contacting the profile owner via the messaging system provided by is also available. Email contact from this encounter is also permitted. What is expressly prohibited is emailing for business or profit. Written permission from the email address owner is not valid. Cases of this type of commercial nature will be prosecuted.

  • The advertiser alone is responsible for the ad and its content. The advertiser must be aware and ensure the rights of third parties in the photos and that no person is hurt. The advertiser must also ensure the content provided does not violate any legal provisions. Commercial ads are exclusively marked and released as Commercial. The IdeaWise Ltd. controls all content and has a statutory duty to care for the content. IdeaWise Ltd. also reserves the right to clear unlawful or disruptive content without warning.

  • Deleted members have no right to claims for damages. By submitting photos, the advertiser recognizes that it is the owner of the image and gives the approval to publish the image.

  • Privacy: Personal information is only gathered by to send the newsletter, notify the recipient of private messages, check access privileges and other necessary contact.

  • In addition, assumes responsibility for the accuracy of the content published on its website. Also for the legality of copyright laws in relation to the content. The IdeaWise Ltd. assumes no liability for damages arising from the use of

  • Advertisers are responsible for their own content. The IdeaWise Ltd. assumes no responsibility for advertising content or links to associated websites.

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