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It's truely unexpainable how you are for,..to each other..

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You both unexpainably know how you are for ...to each other.... unexpainable needing desire to make sweet tender caring love to each.other that brings you both unexpainable complete satisfaction thats yours alone as a couple....it's unexpainable to you both mere words can't give justice......as it's unexpainable how you both always together unexpainably always together never without the other become the others most willing wanton slut....it's unexpainable for you both how together you both get so aroused by each other..how you both together can suck n fuck every person in the room.. unexpainably feeding off each other's unexpainable way how nothing is better than being together as a couple being unashamed sluts.. does anyone understand what I mean here?? Only you two can possibly enjoy making sweet tender caring love as a must see need to give pleasure to who you love but also how together you arouse each other so when you both become pure  sluts...and never without the other ..for unexpainably together you both can't be a slut sucking n fucking everyone in the room..only together you both can.. unexpainably you both need each other in everyway .. anyone ??.. what do you all think?? 


hello how are u doing today?

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doin just ***



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