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Open minded "straight man "and his lady

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Ok ..you call yourself very open minded straight male..you and your lady are at sex party....you and your lady group sex.....now being straight...do you let your lady enjoy two cocks in her mouth at once, yours being one of them ?? Will you keep licking n sucking your lady's sweet pussy when suddenly a cock is slipping into your lady's pussy? Being straight, will you suck your lady's boobs knowing they most likely will have cock cum in them?? Will you let your lady kiss you knowing she's sucked a few cocks and you know she sucks so she can taste swallow cum.. you're a straight male, do you continue to pleasure your lady or ?? Once , while she's enjoying other men's cocks..what about the other sexy cock hungry ladies?? You know they have been like your lady has been sucking cocks until cum flows cum on her boobs..yes cum hot cum spurted on her pussy.. being straight what do you do??

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