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Does size really matter or is it really the motion of the ocean?

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I don't know. This is kind of a tough question... I've fucked a variety of sizes of dicks. How do you get around the issue without hurting his ego if it's too small or too big? Because he could be a super awesome dude, but if I don't know what to do with his dick, that sucks for both of us. 

If it's too big, it hurts, like it it fucking hurts. And no bigger is not always better.

If it's too small I don't really feel it (or haven't found a way to feel it), what are some other options. I know it's really sensitive issue for guys, how do you get around that?

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(dick :dickface: dixit) :P

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I think a lot would depend on the relationship with the guy and most importantly his emotional intelligence (Some might say that is a contradiction in terms !)


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