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Do you share EVERYTHING with your gf/bf?

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So I just saw the latest magazine article about what "Intimacy" means in a relationship, and I didn't really agree with everything there. Maybe it's how I was raised, but I wouldn't wanna take a shit in front of my girlfriend? For me that's nothing to do with being intimate, it's more of an over share... Like I don't see the point? I think some things are better done in private because it's more polite, and I don't think it necessarily adds to my relationship.. 

How do the rest of you think about this? Would be great to get some input. Check the article here if you wanna get the whole picture: 



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What other couples do in their own houses is their business (and to be honest - I don't really care!)  Everyone's individual.  One persons 'gross' is another's 'great'.  The barriers of privacy came down with my partner quite soon when he moved in.  I don't care if he needs to get something from the bathroom while I'm in there.  As guys, we all take a piss in front of one another in public.  Personally I don't see what all the fuss is about, but can imagine some people do.  

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Sure going to the bathroom sure close the door..but hey if she wants to come in while I'm sitting well if she can't wait I don't care..


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