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Is money important to women?

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A question to all women... Is it important to you how much a man earns?

If a man has a low income job, or gets money through unemployment funds, would you still date him? :flushed:


Money is important, but it's not the defining factor... it depends on what you're looking for.  If I was going for something long-term then it might be an issue.  If it was something casual, it wouldn't really matter as long as the sex is good! 


I would say it depends on the relationship and the person first of all!

It depends on the reason for him to be on unemployment funds, I wouldn't wanna (seriously) date a "slacker", but if he's actively trying to get a job I would be supportive. If it's just for casual dating, I wouldn't mind as long as everything else is :bite: great. 

If I'm going to be in a long term relationship with a man, and potentially see him as the future father of my children, it could be an issue for me if he's not earning enough to provide half of what the family needs (I'd get the other half of course ;))  or if he lacks the ambition to do so.

Ambition is sexier than a big wallet in my opinion!