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my attraction to the sexes

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i'd like to share how i'm attracted to both sexes. i'm not asking for advise though i am open to respectfull feedback.
as many of u might know i'm still pretty unsure of my attraction to the same sex, so what i feel is based on theory & fantasy definately not experiance. so what i feel is i would like to be a sex object for guys almost like a fetish. i would like to make myself available for them & know they have pleasure because of it. although i'm looking for some kinda connection i'm not interested in much outside of the experiance.
with women i wanna be much more active. i wanna get inside a women's mind, learn what makes her tick & make her tick with more life, energy, pleasure, happiness. i'm driven to do whatever i have too to make her happy on many levels. i also crave a much deeper emotional connection, something that goes beyond what we percieve in the moment. there is more i wanna offer but i also want that back in some way too. i want it to be something we are a part of togather whether it involves a commitment or we happen to meet for a short time.

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Just do what makes u happy
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