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How or what I do to improve fuck .com

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We as members  or wana be members have to prove we are real prove we over 18 prove this n that so on n so on. Would l just as we have to do well fuck.com do the same. Prove they not like them other take your money an run sites. Prove the women here are too real not pictures and made up profiles like other sites. Why I,suggest this is for three reasons. All women so, far I have viiewed last time logged in to then site been Three months ago up to,a year ago when she,updated pictures. Been here since June Imthink and back today to see if anything new going on and to my amazement have not received one email at,personal email account, nor  not one cept from fuck.com telling me most my nude pics wasn’t accepted. Hell ain’t none of mine showed nutin but my hard mostly semi hard dick/cock. Not one so far in 6 months a message from women not even one. So fuck.com  real or memory X?

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I really love that this site IS valid, real, and hopefully I can meet girls IN person who FEEL...the Pueblo-West CO same way as I enjoy feeding. I mean, feeling... LoL but seriously
So many real people get reported by jealous bitches and then locked out of their accounts... the amount of users on this site and the others they run is so small it is almost pointless... good luck... maybe it's better in europe than the states since that's where the site creators are from... who knows...
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Hello how you doing how was your day going today am Mary by name I was just browsing through profiles and I saw your attractive charming photo that really Peck my interest so I decided to drop you a text if you are interested text me back here 5105198748 I will be waiting for your reply thanks be the first to text me❤💖💟💝💕💟💕💌💟💓💟
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Hi all .. want sex?

my "dream" for fuck.com is similar sex talk topics as it is in the German boards, e.g. Bits and bytes, fashion, sports, fetish&bdsm etc.

for the sex chat, similar rooms as it is in German chat-rooms, e.g. (states): Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, etc



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