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  2. SEX is a sacred act, a gateway, reminding us that our bodies are vessels of immense power and love. It unleashes one of the most magnetic energies known to mankind, capable of connecting directly with the energy of all that is. Thus, the energy of your sexuality is the source of the greatest “magic” also called Fildena 100 of all, namely the creation of life itself. Forget about all the toys, swings, whips and chains or those leather get ups. Forget about all those fancy Kama Sutra positions with Cenforce 100 and oils that dare you to aspire to wreak havoc on your overzealous attempts at a deeper or more thrilling orgasm. Simple observation of natural laws demonstrates that creation is always sexual.
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  4. Well you got my attention and im gonna start out by saying its a fucin shame you have never had a man make you feel the way YOU want to make her feel .i remember what its like to connect mind body and soul into the art of makeing love to my spouse its fucin orgasmic nothing in the world can top it..thanx...
  5. The best sex position is clearly any and all ways youre balls deep and her sweet honey pie is messaging youre member..
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  8. That's when you butter up her ass, or Mandy no lube since she was fucking 2guys, lol.
  9. Public sex has always turned me on , it's the thrill that you might get caught, or turn someone on . My old girlfriend & I would have sex in my pickup at Walmart parking lot, late at night . One time I was doing her doggy style w/her head hanging out the window, everyone knew when she was coming.
  10. I think that everyone should get what she wants in sex, this is exactly what escort girls from Makati https://escortsitemakati.com/ and in other cities exist for)
  11. I've never encountered any dangerous situations. There's a bunch of reliable agencies you can book from and i've always had a great experience. I use quite a few but there's one girl in particular from angels of london which i just cannot stop seeing. This is her profile https://www.angelsoflondon.com/angels/frieda/. I can understand you being paranoid but in all honesty there's nothing to worry about.
  12. Yes morning time usually preferred to best for romance with fildena a fresh mood can spice up sex. It's a wake up time and you are filled with excited energy which can perform you best in morning wake up bed time.
  13. I like morning sex, I am ready to have sex at any time of the day, especially I like sex with escort girls from Alicante https://escortsitealicante.com/service-escort/
  14. . Hold her in your hand and fuck in air
  15. If your dominant doesn't understand you than probably you are not the perfect sub for him/her. I am my self a dominant hardcore bull, but I know what I am suppose to do, how to treat my sub so that she can be a perfect sub and can grow more and more like one.
  16. Just sit on the commode and let her suck the dick,.... after that let her sit on the commode and pound her face so hard .... than definitely lean to sink and crack the ass open.
  17. Among the escort girls in Antwerp only sexy girls and they are ready to have sex with you, as long as you have the money for it)))
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