Let’s face it, breasts are pretty awesome. They feed babies, they are fun to hold and no two are alike. (Nature digs that whole unique snowflake thing.) There’s a lot of social pressure out there to have ‘the perfect boob’ size and to wear certain clothes to accentuate or hide them. Truth is, the ‘perfect size’ is what you’ve already been given.

Breast enhancement surgery is a hot topic these days: what with botched surgeries to numbers of how many women actually get them. Apparently there’s a whole category of people out there that will only date you if you have a certain breast size. Okay, cool, everyone has their thing, as long as you’re not degrading and commodifying someone because of their breast size.

Breasts are breasts, whether their real, silicone or sacks of flour. Enjoy what you have, find someone else who does too. Bodies age and get all funny anyway it’s best to have a companion based on brains instead of breasts.

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