Abstinence means NO fucking, NO penetrative sex, NO intercourse.

Generally referring to refraining from sex or alcohol, but it can have other contexts as well. Since we’re Fuck.com, we’ll obviously be talking about fucking, or in this case NOT fucking. This doesn’t mean people who are abstinent don’t do other things. We’ve all heard of getting to third base, but what about second and first? They can be sexy too. Sometimes what you don’t get is more fun than actually getting it.

Reasons vary from religious and other personal commitments to fear of contracting STIs or getting pregnant. Some people confuse this with asexuality which is different. Most people who choose to be abstinent are sexual; they just refrain from penetrative sex until a certain time. Whereas asexual people don’t have sex because they aren’t interested in sexual actions at all.

More ways to keep your hands to yourself:
Vanilla, Kissing, Masturbation, Massage

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